A Dog of Mystery

The accurate origin of this breed is unknown throughout the aussie circle, but as for the standards and the dog that we know today was developed and finessed in the United States. However, their start in the US started from traveling in with the Basque sheepherders that happened to be coming from Australia thus dubbed the breed the Australian Shepherd.


This hardy, intelligent dog will do anything for the people that they love. Being apart of the daily activity is something that they very much enjoy and will diligently carry out any responsibility that they believe is theirs to do or one that is assigned to them. Being a herding breed, they are quick learners and intelligent to a vast degree, sometimes too smart for their own good. Having a "job" whether it be babysitting, herding, or guarding is something that this breed strives to have. If boredom is achieved, destructive tendencies can arise. This breed needs something to keep their minding going for long amounts of time and being as versatile as they are, they can will dog anything that they set their mind to.

Overall Appearance

The vast array of color combinations and markings can be endless but can be narrowed to a few staples. Your typical and accepted colors include Black Tri, Blue Merle, Red Tri, and Red Merle. Along with these colors, there can be tan points, white markings, or both,

Typically, Males can weigh approximately 50 to 65 pounds, measuring from 20 to 23 inches, and females weigh about 40 to 55 pounds, measuring from 18 to 21 inches on average.

The Aussie's eyes are one of the most unique things about them besides their individual personality. The color can range from glassy blue, amber, hazel, to all shades of brown. Depending on the genes, Aussies can even have 2 different colored eyes or, in the case of the Merle, marbled eyes.